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Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD)

BFA in Animation| Summa Cum Laude

-Atlanta, GA 

-4.0 GPA

-Deans List full time

-Took a variety of classes that utilized the 2D animation pipeline. Additionally, I tutored classmates with notes, workshops and one on one sessions outside of SCAD.


-2D Character animation

-Character design

-Background design



-Lip syncing



"Nature's Bounty" 2021-2022

Director, animator, character designer, background painter

-Lead a team of 60+ artists through the production of a short film 

-Assigned assignments based on individual strengths and coordinated deadlines with the team

"Root" April 2021-May 2021

2D rig animator

-Character animated using 2D rigs using Toon Boom Harmony 20

"Smoothie Crossing" March 2021-May 2021

Art director, storyboard revisionist, 2D build artist, 2D rig animator

-Created the overall story and visual design of the film

-Revised storyboards in order to make shots dynamic

"En Garden" 2021

2D rough animator

-Rough animated one shot for a 2D rigged film using Toon Boom Harmony.


-Toonboom Harmony

-Storyboard Pro


-Adobe Photoshop

-Adobe Animate

-Adobe After Effects

-Adobe Premier

-Adobe Illustrator

Awards and Recognition

-Coordinated a panel of female executives from Nickelodeon to speak at SCAD Animation fest 2020

-SCAD Incentive Scholarship

-Logan Eugene Felps Memorial  Endowed Scholarship

-SCAD Achievement Honor Scholarship

-Austin LGBT Chamber of Commerce Scholarship

-SCAD Drawing Works 2020

-People's Gallery 2018-2019

"Smoke Break" 2020-2021

Director, animator, and compositor

-Lead a small team for the creation of my own short film.

-Work also included pre-production, rough animation, clean up,

compositing, and post-production.

"A Priceless Proposal" 2020

2D rough animator

-Created keys and tweens using traditional animation for three shots using Toon Boom Harmony. Two shots consisted of character animation, and one effects animation.

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